Thursday, December 4, 2008

It came!!!

After taking forever to decide which picture to order as a canvas, I decided to go with my first choice and go with this one in black and white. My hubby and I both felt it would look best in our home. I was a little leery about ordering it because I have ordered a canvas before with a different company and I was not all that pleased with it. It was ok, just didn't seem the best quality to me. I decided to try out another company that a lot of photographers have raved about. Well it came a few weeks ago and I just LOVE it!! I am now happy to offer canvas prints to my clients. The quality is amazing and worth every penny in my opinion!

Here it is in all it's beauty.. I'm kicking myself for not going bigger! (these were taken quickly with my point and shoot)
My little guy cheesing it up...


Andee said...

I love it! I love kind of the grungy style of it. I would love something just like it in our house. Congrats! did I say love too much? :)

Beeker said...

Wow ~ that looks awesome. This must've been what Stephani was talking about :)

Jackie Jean said...

oh wow, he has gotten so big! wonderful canvas :)