Monday, October 26, 2009

My sweet baby

Well, he isn't much of a baby anymore. He is almost 2 1/2 but he will always be my baby. :) Anyways, I always struggle getting photos of him, even if you might not think it. I usually have to take HUNDREDS of him to get a handful of decent ones. Once and a while I will get one that I just love.. for instance, this one
I know he looks like a model doesn't he? Well I won't even show you the other ones I took from this mini shoot. lol

Then I get something like this... another model shot. All others from this shoot... not so good.
Cracks me up.

This is my favorite new shot of him, taken just yesterday.
He was in some sort of zombie mode so most of the shots ended up looking like this, infact I would say 80% of the shots were just like this lol.
But somehow, I did get him to laugh

I'm just glad although I usually only get a handful of good shots from each session with him that I do get some awesome keepers.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The {M} Family

I was so excited for this shoot today, of course mother nature had other plans. But, when we got there it was sprinkling a bit and when we got out to check things out it stopped. It was still very windy and cold but we managed to get a few before we all froze. I wish the storm would have held out a little longer, it was so beautiful earlier today! For some reason I am always more nervous when I shoot other photographers, even when we are related. :) Andee is a very talented photographer, you can check out here work here.
HMP_4574 copy
HMP_4582 copy
HMP_4611 copy
HMP_4633 copy
This one cracked me up! :D
HMP_4655 copy

Sunday, October 4, 2009

{H} and {K}

Teens are probably one of my favorite subjects. They are just so fun! I was very excited that my cousins were willing to go on a mini shoot with me. It would have been longer, but it started to rain on us. But we had fun anyway. We are going to try again when we get together for Thanksgiving.. We might be blessed with a beautiful sunny day!
HMP_4325 copy
HMP_4254 copy
HMP_4259 copy
HMP_4246 copy
HMP_4323 copy
HMP_4350 copy
HMP_4293 copy
HMP_4291bw copy
HMP_4290 copy
HMP_4317bw copy
HMP_4348 copy
HMP_4330 copy