Monday, October 19, 2009

The {M} Family

I was so excited for this shoot today, of course mother nature had other plans. But, when we got there it was sprinkling a bit and when we got out to check things out it stopped. It was still very windy and cold but we managed to get a few before we all froze. I wish the storm would have held out a little longer, it was so beautiful earlier today! For some reason I am always more nervous when I shoot other photographers, even when we are related. :) Andee is a very talented photographer, you can check out here work here.
HMP_4574 copy
HMP_4582 copy
HMP_4611 copy
HMP_4633 copy
This one cracked me up! :D
HMP_4655 copy


Andee said...

I love them!! Thank you so much! It was totally worth braving the weather! for us at least...hopefully for you too. :) Josh was sad when you drove off. He kept saying Hedder, Hedder. You were great. Thanks so much!!

heddomarie said...

lol too funny. He was looking at me sad as I backed out.. so I waved at him. lol He is so cute!

Tiffini said...

That Scotty is such a cute little man. Love these pics!!!