Monday, October 26, 2009

My sweet baby

Well, he isn't much of a baby anymore. He is almost 2 1/2 but he will always be my baby. :) Anyways, I always struggle getting photos of him, even if you might not think it. I usually have to take HUNDREDS of him to get a handful of decent ones. Once and a while I will get one that I just love.. for instance, this one
I know he looks like a model doesn't he? Well I won't even show you the other ones I took from this mini shoot. lol

Then I get something like this... another model shot. All others from this shoot... not so good.
Cracks me up.

This is my favorite new shot of him, taken just yesterday.
He was in some sort of zombie mode so most of the shots ended up looking like this, infact I would say 80% of the shots were just like this lol.
But somehow, I did get him to laugh

I'm just glad although I usually only get a handful of good shots from each session with him that I do get some awesome keepers.

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Lydia said...

great shots love that one in the tie