Monday, December 8, 2008

For your information.. :)

I am booked up the rest of this year so I won't be taking any more sessions this month. If you have already talked to me then don't worry. My schedule is filling up quickly with different family functions and I don't want to miss out on those! Also, some of my previous clients may not know that I am charging now and at the beginning of the year my prices are going to go up. I am now booking for next year, so if you book a session with me before Jan 1 you will pay the 2008 charges instead of the 2009 charges. I want to say thank you to all of my previous clients this year, I had a great time working with you and I hope you enjoyed it too! I'm excited for a new year and meeting lots of great new people!!

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Allreds said...

Ok So I feel really Bad, I just wanted to say sorry I hope I didn't
offend you. I am such a cheap person , and I don't even know what you
charge, I shouldn't of said anything For that I'm sorry.

Your Pictures are sooo good and I would love for you to send me your
prices, I'm thinking Pictures in the spring would be great and I love
yours so much. You really don't have to give me a 25th ward discount
or anything. Let me know and i'll pick a date to get it all set up.

Sorry again, i'm really stupid.
=) Stephanie Allred

Nick and Paige said...

Hello Heather! I hope your Christmas was great! I have a question - My sister in law, Ashely, is getting married - and our advice to her was - get a REAL photographer- so instantly we thought of you!

Nick is in love with your pictures - He told me the other day - they are the coolest pictures he's ever seen - and I agree!
So - I didn't know if you would travel here? I know it would be ALOT to ask - but I thought I'd check -
Their wedding is March 14 - in Manti - and then reception in Minersville - (by Beaver) so -

would let me know if you are interested in that? and your pricing -

I told Ashely, I would check into it! Cause you are simply the best!

my email is