Monday, September 7, 2009

Working on Labor Day.

I don't mind. It's actually nice because my husband is not so he can entertain my little guy. I should be outside working in the yard as originally planned, but it's still so hot here. This evening though, I'm all over it! Anyways here is sneak peek from the last session I had. This would be my best friend who lives far away from me now and her darling family. <3 them! Her little girl is so shy, she was a bit hard to get to even look at me. I loved this photo because it really shows how shy she is.. and it's cute.
My friend is expecting.. I just loved this shot.
She didn't really like our first location so we decided to go to a park where we could let her play. We tried to take advantage of the fun she had on the slide.
Then we tried to head over to some grass away from the playground to take some shots. She didn't like that. She was crying staring at the playground. Awwww...
Sometimes, kids are just not in the mood for pictures.. and you just have to try to work with them or try again later. Miss you guys!


Jessica said...

Despite her not being in the mood for pictures you still managed to get some cute ones :)

Andee said...

How do you get such PERFECT exposure all the time? These are really cute!!

Beeker said...

I love that last shot of their little girl! Adorable ~ great one!