Friday, February 20, 2015

Mini session of little {A}!

It has been so nice this winter in Utah. I can't believe it. We have been practically experiencing spring weather all winter long. It's been wonderful! I have been wanting to do a little mini session with my little sweet heart on one of the quilts I made her. It was a nice day yesterday so we ventured outside with my helpful 4 year old assistant. We weren't out long because it was a bit colder in the shade but I got a few cute images of her and of course my assistant wanted to get a picture with his little sister.  He loves her so much, it's just adorable!


I'm just about ready to start taking on clients again. So if you are interested in a session for this spring or summer contact me at 

1 comment: said...

What cute client you currently have! I cannot take my eyes off the sessions you've made! The boys from the next post are equally adorable as the little thing here!