Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Little Super Heros

I have been wanting to do a mini session for my kiddos in their super hero outfits for quite some time now. I had my oldest {K} Dress himself and then put little {J} in his little outfit. {K} just cracks me up. When he has his safety goggles on upside down he says he's superman but when they are on right side up he is just wearing safety goggles.
Getting a picture of the two of them together is so hard right now. {J} is at that go go go age! But this one... I'm printing BIG to hang in their bedroom. This is Kenny's super hero face.. as he calls it.. they both look so serious.. they are ready for what ever bad guys come their way! Bring it on!!
This one is just so cute of {J}. Such a happy little guy.. even with a weapon! ;) Well, I'm sure that's actually why he is so happy!

Have some fun outfits you want to throw into your session?! I'm all up for it! Bring them along! Let's have some fun together!

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