Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Where is spring?

I have quite a few sessions coming up.. But the weather has been so off and on it's been a bit of a pain to really get anything. A week or so ago it was spring and now we are back to winter. Go figure. Anyways, I took these of my little guy a while back, I shared them on our family blog but not here. So I thought I would share a few because I liked them. He is so sick of my camera, I have the hardest time taking photos of him. Other photographers seem to do alright with him though.. so maybe I will have to have his pictures taken by someone else. who knows hehe. Anyway here is my little guy.. Don't you just love his shirt? :)
bit of an old fashioned look
The cheeser... Thank you Elmo...
The tears... yes there is a tear on his right cheek. I'm such a mean mommy to make him sit on that backdrop.

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