Saturday, November 8, 2008

Canvas Worthy? HELP!

I am wanting to order a canvas as a sample to show my clients. I have been wanting to get one of my little man so I can hang it in our new home, once we get one. ;) Anyways I took him out in a cute new outfit from his great-Oma and got these two that I like. Which one do you like best?
I like this one in black and white best. Did I overdo it with the texture? Most of my decor is black and red so I think this one would go well with that..?
I like this one too
first one but in color

Please let me know what you think!


Mom/Oma said...

I have the hardest time leaving comments on yours & Cathy's blogs. This is my second try at this one. I don't think Google likes me.
He is the cutest little boy! And I'm not prejudiced. I often like b&w pics, but in this case I like the color ones best, expecially the one of him standing. They show off his beautiful eyes.

PickleBean said...

I like both the colored ones. I think I like the last one the best. For me, when its black and white he tends to blend in to the background a little too much. They are really cute photos!

Andee said...

Oh, I like the first one too! And ALL of them. Have fun deciding!

Oakstream Photography said...

Hard decision. I really love the 1st & last shots. If your decor is black & red you can't go wrong with either image!!!!

What a cutie he is....LOVE his eyes!!!!