Saturday, July 19, 2008

Beautiful Flowers!

I just bought a new Nikon D300 and I just LOVE it! I haven't had any sessions to use it with yet so I went outside and took some photos of the flowers in our garden! Enjoy! :) Hey, feel free to leave me a comment!





Andee said...

Hi Heather! I'm so glad you found our blog! Thanks for your comments. It looks like our little guys are about the same age. Kenny is adorable! Heather, I love your work. I actually started doing photography not too long ago and I just love your style. Would you mind looking at my letting me know how you think I'm doing? I would love real feedback. Have a great day!

Art Photographs said...

Oh I love that first one so pretty!

Brooke said...

that first one is beautiful ! you should frame it :) have fun with your new camera! did you ever go downtown for that session?