Friday, June 27, 2008

Stephanie and Courtney

You will recognize Courtney from my previous post in these photos.. This is her sister Stephanie. She is going to be a Senior next year. I love photographing these two because they are so natural in front of the camera. I wish I had more sun (it was cloudy the whole time) because they have the most beautiful eyes, put some sunlight in there and MAN stunning eyes. Anyway, they really are beautiful and I just wish I could take them with me where ever I go to photograph them!

This one was for her boyfriend.


grizclan said...

This was such a great trip. I am glad that you have some great pix for us to remember it.

Beeker said...

Wow!! I love all the pictures. They look great! Can't wait to have our's done :)

Brooke said...

again where have I been! :)